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Serious Home Biz Issues: Pay Attention

Everything has some level of detail, this includes running a business, and it may be that these levels are important. In many cases they must be acknowledged in a timely manner. For example what about a safety recall? You can’t always depend on getting the email or the letter in the mail for that matter. Many things can happen in life that make sure that you don’t receive the notice or pay attention to it. So to make sure you don’t miss any changes in legislation it might be wise to read the news online or otherwise.


When it comes to home business programs, there are often a lot of changes so you should be sure that you check in often to see any notices that are posted so that if you need to do something you will do it on time. Occasionally this can actually be something critical.

You should know that there are times when either your own business or the company you work for is doing just what it promises for the membership, they are paying on time, etc. There may seem to be no indication anything is amiss. The point is to try to keep up with any changes in the world of business, you can do this easily online or through offline magazines or press. The government can and does introduce changes and if you fail to comply within a certain amount of time they make take a certain amount of interest in you or the company you work for.

I know this sounds quite scary but a little common sense is all you need, talk to other business owners or look online for forums, or sign in to the government sites, they really don’t want to put you out of business, it won’t do them any good at all. 

Even if the company that you work for does fail to comply with any changes it may take them a while to get the evidence together and in the meantime the company and members are still just as happy as pie and are clueless. Then the ball drops and you start to read negative things about the company which may start to impact sales and eventually escalate into criminal charges.

So far the member still hasn’t lost anything and probably doesn’t understand terminology like ‘Ponzi scheme’. Here is what can happen though that will impact the members. The government may decide to either just plain shut the company down and block any further transactions in or out. Or they could go so far as to confiscate the assets of the company including any money that innocent members have in their accounts at the company.

You can follow the case for years, contacting the company’s lawyers or the government entity. You will likely never see even a penny on the dollar of your money back because it will all be spent on legal wrangling and fines. So the point is when you hear about serious trouble it is time to go. (after confirming it is not just a vicious rumour). Be thankful for whatever money you were able to earn and just move on.


Home Business Issues: Use Your Holiday Time Wisely

We all need some down-time periodically so be sure to enjoy yourself for at least half of your holiday time. It is however a good idea to use it to gain some momentum as far as devoting some extra time to your business. Have you had some ideas or insights and realized there is more you could do to accomplish the goals that you set yourself sooner?


It is fairly normal that on most days what with the day job, the family, and the home business that there is just not another minute that you have to yourself. That is why it may take a period where you know you have free time that you could use to be a little more productive. You could get a step up that you normally would not take during regular hours.

Right from the start, you should see that when you work at home either full or part-time, you can look at your clock as having 24-hours. Not 8 as in the 8 straight that you anticipate as your work day. When you look at it as 24-hours it is obvious you have much more time to accomplish what you want to – and on your own terms. Could be 2-hours in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 2 at night. Whatever – change it around sometimes.

There are no truer words than ‘variety is the spice of life’ – and there is no reason not to include your business in that and have the most fun you can with it. This really seems like it would be the key to success in that you will be more willing to give more of your time and effort to make it work for you.

So if you already have some ideas about what you could do differently if you had more time, just do it. However if not, you might think in terms of using that extra time to learn something new that would help improve your bottom line.


Can You Really Quit Your Day Job to Become a Blogger?

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job and becoming a professional blogger online? If not I encourage you to think about it carefully and entertain the possibilities…


After seeing some of the blogs online many of us dream about the idea of starting a blog and quitting our jobs. It is true however that very few have the nerve and commitment level necessary to set out and actually make it happen. This is a shame, what have you got to lose? Well there’s nothing to lose in starting a blog online, and many exciting rewards when you are successful. In this article, we’ll look at how you can overcome the fear and the apprehension holding you back, and dive in to become a successful blogger.

Fear Setting

If you’re afraid of giving up your job to become a blogger, then it’s time to do some fear setting. This is a technique recommended by Tim Ferriss and it’s highly effective when it comes to combating irrational fears.

To begin, you’re going to have to ask yourself what it is you’re afraid of and then make a list. Is it the thought of not being able to find work if you aren’t successful? Is it the thought that your family might think you’re irresponsible and leave you?

Once you’ve made the list, you’re next going to go down in a column next to each list entry you made, and assess every item in terms of how realistic it is. At the same time, you’re going to write down how you’d deal with that problem if it came to pass. Would your partner really leave you because you decided to chase your dreams? Wouldn’t it in fact be easy to walk into another job with your credentials?


More importantly though, recognize that running a successful blog doesn’t have to mean giving up your day job. Put more time into a blog and it will grow faster, but you can do perfectly well with an hour or two each night and little time at the weekends. Give up some of your evening TV and invest that time developing your blog. Before long, you’ll have a profitable online business that will give you more leverage and freedom in your life.

If you’re really passionate about your blog, you’ll find it doesn’t feel like work… In fact, it can be quite fun and a great release for your suppressed creativity. I recommend starting your blog while you still have a job until it’s bringing in enough income to give you the security you need. Doing it this way eliminates any risk and you’ll have a much better idea of whether you can be successful before you make any giant leaps.

Since starting a blog online can be done for free or very low cost, the only investment you’ll be making is your time. Plus, you’ll be learning a lot and developing new marketable skills along the way, which may become useful in your current job or help you land an even better one some day in the future.

Action Required

Nothing changes until you take action. Reading an article about blogging isn’t enough. In fact, the more information you read without taking action, the stronger the “analysis paralysis” muscle inside your brain grows. If this article has inspired you even a little, take a look at the details on the Plug-In Profit Site service here on my website which I highly recommend because it’s a proven service that will help you get your own money-making blog and website setup for free in the next 24 hours! Now you have no excuses left…

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