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Building a New Business – Don’t Ever Lose Your Faith

One thing to remember in life is that It is important that you have faith (belief in some system) and you keep it intact no matter what happens. Having faith, like praying or wishing for something, does not guarantee anything but it will help to keep your mindset focused on what you want to achieve. You may or may not receive what you need and want at a particular time, but it shouldn’t have any effect on your level of belief. If you keep this whole belief thing general, just having a positive mindset about everything, then you can’t lose.


Having belief is like the polar opposite meaning of the expression ‘you can’t fail unless you quit’. Think about it for a moment. As long as you are still trying, nobody can say you quit. You don’t need to feel that you failed. Remember we are all individuals and different. We each learn in our own way and take as much time as we need.

The harder you try the more momentum you gain, this is because while you are trying, you are actually learning and practicing and someday you will actually achieve your goal.

So in many ways having faith, or belief, is essential no matter what you are trying to accomplish. If you think of having no belief system, how could you carry on without one? If you had no faith or belief you would just throw up your hands and say “I can’t”. We all know however, since there is no ‘can’t’, what you must mean is you ‘won’t’. You will find someday that you can never give up as long as you have a belief system in place.

Being alive, you will likely think of lots of ideas as time goes by, and when the time and place are just right, maybe that will be the right time for you. The point is to keep an open mind and to believe that at any time you could come up with something that is notable!


Starting a Home Business – Stay Excited

When we first try something new and exciting we usually expect the best possible results right away. This idea may be very exciting as success is a very attractive proposition for everyone. What we are speaking about here is the excitement of being a part of something new and rewarding.


Wouldn’t it be really good if you could maintain that level of excitement as time goes by as it is definitely motivating. You may note though that the level of excitement goes down a little more every day possibly because the initial phase of any new venture is very exciting. The level of excitement drops particularly if you do not see any results (or expected results) yet (normal for a new business) you may have to force yourself to stay positive.

What we don’t want to do however, is to psych ourselves up so much that the initial idea just amounts to a fantasy. This could really have the opposite effect of what you would imagine it doing. Since a business is a reality, we need to stay realistic about what we can accomplish, at least in the very near future.

Any business opportunity is going to require a number of tasks to be performed to keep it running and moving forward (gaining momentum). We really have no idea of how much time will be necessary to pass before we start to see some tangible results from our efforts.

One thing is for sure – in this context, ‘what goes around comes around’. So if you put in the minimal effort to promote your business via Internet Advertising and Marketing, you are likely to see few if any results.

Just because you see or have been told that you do not have to put much effort in to build your business, well, it may not work for you just because it is working for somebody else. If however you saw somebody putting in the time and effort required to really build a business then you will get the same results. Model yourself on the successful person that you see, what exactly are they doing that is making them a success. Model (copy) their methods with the same frequency and duration.

On the Marketing front, the quality of your leads and where you may have got them from is also going to affect everything you do. You should always use leads that have voluntarily opted-in to any web form or email you have used to invite them.

Using an ‘opt-in form’ allows you to build a list of targeted leads and is also ‘ethical, permission-based’ advertising. Using this method may cause you to do more work and/or spend more money and time (initially), but the other side of the coin is having all your efforts to contact targets being derailed due to spam complaints from people who did not request your information. This is a serious legal issue so don’t get so excited that you forget there are rules and regulations!


Home Business – Don’t Paint Everything with the Same Brush

Just in case you didn’t know, painting every opportunity with the same brush really amounts to passing judgement on everything you see without any qualification, because at some point possibly one or more things you found proved to be unacceptable. The most common things that might cause you to paint everything with the same brush are fear and laziness.


We have to accept that it is normal to have a certain amount of fear when starting out in uncharted territory. ‘Fear of the unknown’ is very common and when there is cause (past experience, reputation, etc.) it probably is a good idea to listen to your fear to a certain degree.

This fear may be ok but it becomes a problem when it becomes a blanket judgement where you just assume Plan C is not right purely because Plan A or B left a lot to be desired. This is not necessarily true as Plan C may stand head and shoulders above the rest. The point is you will never know if that is true or not unless you give it a chance after doing some research in which you don’t see many red flags.

A certain amount of careful research and common sense are required, it’s pretty complex actually in that while you want to see any negative reviews before you take any action, you do not want to assume every negative review is necessarily completely true. People are very different and as such have very different expectations. This is why it is a good idea to see a variety of comments about any program, service or product before you make a decision either way.

The point to all this that however complex this seems don’t just close your mind after one or more negative experiences and keep your head buried in the sand. Keep your mind open and continue to give new things a fair chance so that you and your business continue to grow.

Remember that everything in the beginning is pretty much a gamble (we haven’t really got the needed ‘savvy’ to make very informed moves – we need to make some mistakes to learn) and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That is really what is called ‘the cost of doing business’ and it is a risk we sometimes have to take.

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