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Building a Home Business – Learn How to Do Things Yourself

Most of the time it may be convenient to have someone else do things that you are not sure how to do. You may find, however it is much better in the long run to learn how to do things for yourself. After all we are not talking about building a space ship (“rocket science”). We are merely talking about very basic technical things for your website or your membership program.


What about if you could afford to hire technical support to do them for you, well it may initially save you a little time but over time you will not be as well off as if you learned how to do whatever needs to be done yourself. Somewhere in your program, in your hosting account, or in a search engine, you will find directions on how to do just about anything you need to do. Start using Google, look at ‘YouTube’ there’s a ‘how to’ video for just about everything you could possibly need to know now.

If you just get used to palming off anything you do not know how to do, then you will never learn how to run your business completely. It’s that simple, if you pay someone else to do it you will never learn. Only if you have a high volume of work and little time, then it is understandable but otherwise make an attempt to keep learning.

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford support it would be wise to ask your support to write some simple instructions for you (and pay extra if necessary) when they do your work, that way you can keep business continuity but learn what to do if the problem happens again. This way you are not tied to paying for support and never quite knowing what is going on. To really be in control of your own business you should actually know how everything in your business is done, whether or not you have support. You should have written procedures that anyone can follow, ‘just in case’.

If you have not been happy in your career so far, you will have a great time calling yourself ‘the boss’. Maybe you will also enjoy procrastinating as long as you can if you have nobody to push your work off on; but you can carry this too far. You being the boss are the one who is responsible for your business whether you have support or not.

You never can tell what may happen — you may come up with some new innovations on how to do things in a more efficient, and more accurate way. You must learn how things are done presently before you could see a different perspective where you may improve the procedure. Don’t forget to update your written procedures when you change anything throughout all stages of your home business’ development.


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