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Working at Home – Is Information Really Power?

Well – yes, information is power but only if you use that information to do something. Knowledge I think we can agree is a good thing but just having knowledge for the sake of it, does not really do much to help anyone. There are many people, and I include myself in this, that never feel they know enough to actually do something with what they have learned. They just keep reading and learning and reading and learning, at some point they have to get off the knowledge bus and take action.


This whole scenario is sometimes referred to as ‘paralysis by analysis’. What is needed here is a splash of self-confidence to feel that you are worthy to take what you have learned and do something useful with it. This action in itself lets you believe that you have valuable information and that you do understand it well enough to share it in some way.

There may of course be other factors at play when someone just can’t get past the learning curve, other than lack of self-confidence. It may be a mechanism that you employ purposely (albeit perhaps subconsciously) to keep you from having to take the next step in your progression, fearing failure possibly. Maybe you really don’t want to make a commitment to something like a home business?

You find it intriguing to think about (daydream) but when you actually think it is time to get started developing your business, spending money and time, you will always find some other reason that you can’t move forward. Are you caught in a situation where you constantly listen to other people around you who may be totally risk averse and will always point out the negatives in your crazy idea that will obviously fail. If you listen to the people who do not have the courage to take that extra step then your idea will always just remain a possibility, but you will never find out whether you would have succeeded or failed.

One thing that may be helpful in moving past your dilemma (after you admit you have a problem), would be to write things down, make lists or pros and cons ideas, what ever it takes. They say you are much more likely to actually do something if you write it down and read it periodically. In fact don’t just read it – actually meditate on it for a few minutes, let it become embedded within your natural thought patterns. Just read the next 3 questions and see what springs to mind (only as an exercise) 1) What does this involve if I actually do something? 2) What would it be like to have a business running at home?  3) Who are some of the people that could benefit if I share what I have learned with them?

While you would think someone with a bank of information may make a great teacher and could start a team that would collaborate to build something, it would also be perfectly acceptable to just use the information to do your own thing. The point is ‘Just do it’.

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